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Naperville Women’s Healthcare welcomes women of all ages who want to experience advanced, patient-centered gynecologic and obstetric care. We are advocates for women’s health and wellness. We promote patient education, encourage patient partnership, and provide patients with skilled and compassionate medical care. Our knowledgeable, experienced and trusted staff of physicians, midwives, and nurses supports patients’ efforts to achieve optimum health. We are committed to healthy women and healthy babies.


Breakthrough in Vaginal Health, MonaLisa Touch

An advanced, cutting-edge treatment is now available to women who experience painful intercourse. MonaLisa Touch™ is a laser procedure that delivers controlled energy to the vaginal tissue to restore the cells of the vaginal mucosa and promote vaginal health.

Millions of women silently suffer from vaginal atrophy and the consequences of painful sex. At Naperville Women’s Healthcare, we are experienced in the physical and emotional implications of patients with vaginal atrophy and we are committed to vaginal restoration.

An FDA approved, in-office procedure, Naperville Women’s Healthcare is one of the select OB / GYN practices in the Chicago metro area offering this innovative procedure.

MonaLisa Touch™ Patient Testimonial

Mona Lisa Touch (Vaginal Rejuvenation) - Treatment

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